Liquor Crema Bailada | Coffee and Moca Liquor
Licor Crema Bailada es un licor suave, original y único. ¿Te atreves a probarlo?
Licor, crema bailada, crema de licor
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¿Crema Bailada? ¿Why bailada?

¿How did we develop the cream?

The Cream Liquor “Danced” was not “danced” in one night.

The idea of its elaboration arose from the obsession to find a cream of liquor for different palates.

Of course we liked liqueur creams, but we were looking for a lighter one.

We are also fans of the passionate world of coffee.

And last but not least, we couldn’t give up on including good pure cocoa to give it that special touch.

In short, an authentic mocha coffee made into liquor.

From there, after years of development, we got a cream of liquor “to our measure”.

And with so much movement to mix the cocoa well before serving it, someone dared to “dance” and… we finished looking for names.

Dancing it, you will enjoy it

Licor Crema “Bailada” is a soft, original and unique liquor. It combines a light cream with the aromatic taste of coffee beans macerated in alcohol.

When shaken, “danced”, this intense mixture turns into a different mocha coffee, with the final touch of pure cocoa.

Enjoy it in a shot, alone with ice, in a long glass or with your favorite ice cream. Use your ingenuity or “mastery” to make a cocktail to your liking, a special dessert… And remember to order your “Cortado Bailado” at your cafeteria.


We have achieved such a mixture, with so many followers, that is has a new way of drinking it, original and different, liqueur Crema “Bailada”.


Suitable for celiacs. Our liqueur does not contain gluten and there is no risk of cross-contamination.